Managed Print Services is Making a Huge Comeback

Managed print services used to rule the roost in business. They were the be all and end all in the printing world. Drop in Managed Print Solutions Popularity Though always remaining popular, their popularity has shrunk somewhat in the last few years, but according to industry experts they are having yet another moment of spotlight […]

What Exactly are Managed Print Services?

The area of managed print services is vast and complex. There are numerous facets which can be addressed and can make a difference to your printing systems. That said, all in all, the notion of manage print solutions ultimately revolves around 2 aspects: Reasons for Managed Print Solutions: You having clear visibility of your company’s […]

NBM Host 30 Year Anniversary Event

On Friday November 20th NBM hosted a celebratory event in Flemings Cork, to mark this major milestone of 30 years.  It was attended by 70 guests, including representatives from Xerox, and past and present colleagues.

National Business Machines on significant growth trajectory as the firm celebrates 30 years in business

National Business Machines (NBM Ltd), the longest established Xerox partner in Ireland, is celebrating a significant milestone of 30 years this month, with a 45% growth in their business in Ireland and overseas over the past five years, and plans for further expansion over the next two years. NBM, a provider of business machines and […]

Budget 2016: How to save money on your business print costs in the New Year- Advice from the Printer Experts.

With the New Year comes a resolve in all of us to be a bit better than we were the year before and this extends to businesses as well, with many looking at ways to improve their service and reduce their running costs in order to have a more profitable year ahead. Believe it or […]

What is a Multifunction Printer?

A Multifunction Printer, often referred to as an MFP, is a device that consolidates the functionality of a printer, copier, scanner and/or fax into one machine. Multifunction Printers are becoming a common choice for budget-minded businesses that want to consolidate assets, reduce costs, and improve workflow. If also considering scanners, take a look at our […]

What to consider when selecting a printer for your business?

The type of printer you’d pick up at an office supply store is not going to cut it for business use, at least in most cases. Even small offices usually need far more sophisticated machines for efficiency and productivity. Most businesses opt for networked printers in Ireland that can be shared by multiple users, rather […]

How managed print solution can benefit your business?

Managed Print Solutions are essential to ensuring you control your print costs within your organization. A good print management control system can provide control, information and savings. Here are a few key points to assessing whether you need to have your print solution managed: How much you spend annually on document output? Typically in medium […]

How much you spend annually on document output?

Approximately €6000 per annum is spent on document output in our organisation. This covers the document output from faxes, scanners, printers and copiers in Cork. Analysis of this cost on an ongoing basis allows the organisation to understand where costs are and is critical to streamlining the workflow of print document output in such a […]

How to Chose a Print Machine That’s Right for Your Business?

Think about what you need Do you need to be able to scan and copy as well as print? What sort of documents will you print the most? Do you need prints fast, or is print quality more important? What devices do you want to print from? Will your printer sit in one room attached […]