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Printer Access Control

Printer Access Control Software

Ysoft Printer Access Control Software

Control, Secure, and Optimise Print Services Across your Organisation

Achieve substantial cost reductions with automatically enforced rules that control what and how users print. Printer access control software YSoft SafeQ reduces unneeded prints and copies. Green reports provide users with information about exactly how much they reduced the use of natural resources such as trees and water. Over time, users become increasingly aware of what they print and adjust their habits accordingly.

Take control – Increase productivity and security, reduce waste and costs

Protect against unauthorized use of MFPs and enable easy authentication optimized for your organization‘s print environment. Through a PIN, magnetic/smart card, username and password. With printer access control you will improve convenience and security with the Mobile Print feature, which enables users to print their jobs at any printer in your organization after they authenticate.

Monitor and account every print, copy, and scan with printer access control

Get comprehensive reports of all operations performed on MFPs in the format that best suits your needs. Use multilevel, fine-grained project accounting to allocate and bill every printed or copied document to the respective client. This is especially important for law firms and other project-based companies. You will be able to generate green reports that show the savings to the natural environment your organization has achieved. Savings that in turn reflect in reduced usage of water or timber, or lower CO2 levels.

The centralized, comprehensive, feature-rich print access control & management system

YSoft SafeQ is designed from the ground up to provide unprecedented, centralized control over printing, copying and scanning. YSoft SafeQ gives you the ability to track and recoup printing costs and to make document-related workflows more efficient. Printer access control with a low total cost of ownership.