YSoft SafeQ Bringing Efficient Printers To Your Irish Business

For those of you who have not heard of YSoft SafeQ you are missing out. YSoft SafeQ works via a server and is a print management solution that allows you to remain in control of your organisation’s print environment, print costs, document security and environmental impact. In our modern economy, companies are often vying for […]

The Inner Workings of Your Copier or Photocopiers in Ireland

Just another piece of equipment they may be, but photocopiers are complex machinery. Many give out when a photocopier has an issue, but just think of how many pages that copier has copied, how many times a day it is used, how many sheets of paper goes through its system. Photocopier are hard-working machines and […]

How Copiers Revolutionised The WorkPlace

Today the new invention that is changing our world in the 3D printer. Everyone seems to be using it from: Fashion designers Textile companies Building companies And beyond… What many people forget, however, is that photocopiers were the first invention to change the working world with a bang. Copier History: Before the copier existed everyone […]

The Evolution of Printing | Printers Cork Waterford Limerick Ireland

The History of Print: Many people think of printing as a relatively modern concept, in which a machine is used to print on sheets of paper. Of course, this is indeed the case, but this did not happen overnight. There is a vast history behind the world of printing. One that we will touch on […]

National Business Machines Sponsors Cork Constitution Golf Am-Am

National Business Machines were proud sponsors of the Cork Constitution Golf Am-Am. The annual event was held on Friday 22 April 2016 at the prestigious Douglas Golf Club was a great event and greatly enjoyed by everyone who participated. The inclement weather on the day divided the 32 teams who started into two distinct groups. […]

History of NBM

In 1985, having spent 5 years working in sales for what was then Rank Xerox, Michael Galvin set up NBM with fellow directors Pat Tierney and Pat O’Regan, selling Xerox equipment initially covering the counties Cork and Kerry. Over the years as the business developed successfully, Xerox extended the territory to include Limerick and Clare. […]