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YSoft SafeQ Bringing Efficient Printers To Your Irish Business

For those of you who have not heard of YSoft SafeQ you are missing out. YSoft SafeQ works via a server and is a print management solution that allows you to remain in control of your organisation’s print environment, print costs, document security and environmental impact.

In our modern economy, companies are often vying for the top spot and to do so they need to cut some corners in order to save costs to spend more money on important functions. Unfortunately, however, these costs are often taken out of other important aspects of the organisation and overall it can result in a less effective manner of business. What many organisations fail to realise is how much they spend on printing, however. To see our post on printing costs, click here. If organisations implement the YSoft SafeQ system, they can save on expenditure and reduce cutting costs elsewhere. Yes, this is indeed a win-win situation.


Not only is this the case, but YSoft SafeQ are currently implementing new innovations to increase employee productivity and save your organisation time as well as money. This is certainly a band-wagon not to miss out on.


Additionally, YSoft SafeQ is imperative as it instills print safety. Though this may not sound important, but it is often the case that non-security in the realm of printing can lead to an unsafe IT environment and thus loose organisations a tonne of money. It is clear that with mobile printing, print safety, saving on costs, saving on time and saving on environmental impact, YSoft SafeQ should definitely be a part of your company’s printing arsenal. With Ireland being a key business player in today’s world, it is important to have a good knowledge of what can aid such organisation, no matter whether you’re from Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Limerick or beyond and NBM can help you with fantastic YSoft SafeQ printing.