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The Inner Workings of Your Copier or Photocopiers in Ireland

Just another piece of equipment they may be, but photocopiers are complex machinery.

Many give out when a photocopier has an issue, but just think of how many pages that copier has copied, how many times a day it is used, how many sheets of paper goes through its system. Photocopier are hard-working machines and they are designed with extreme precision. That is why it is important that you understand how photocopiers work.

In the average photocopier there are 12 main components:

  1. The Controller Circuitry
  2. The Photo Receptor Drum – this is the heart of your photocopier. This is made out of a semiconductor and uses atoms and light to ensure that your printing is perfect.
  3. The Charging Roller
  4. The Laser Beam
  5. A Rotating Mirror
  6. The Developer Roller – this is also an important part of your machine.
  7. The Toner Hopper
  8. The Belt
  9. The Paper Tray –  the most common reason as to why people think that their copier is not working is that their copier’s paper tray is probably just not loaded correctly.
  10. The Charging Wire
  11. The Cleaning Blade – this is what stops ink from getting everywhere.
  12. The Fuser

With 12 key components and a vast amount more, it is evident that your photocopier is extremely complex. For photocopying to ensue, all of these parts must be in correct working order and with a delicate equilibrium between the components it is important that you handle your photocopier with care.

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