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The Evolution of Printing | Printers Cork Waterford Limerick Ireland

The History of Print:

Many people think of printing as a relatively modern concept, in which a machine is used to print on sheets of paper. Of course, this is indeed the case, but this did not happen overnight. There is a vast history behind the world of printing. One that we will touch on here.

  • BC – Printing of images onto tablets via the use of round cylinder seals.
  • 2nd Century AD – Paper was invented by Ts’ai Lun.
  • 7th Century – Shows us the oldest book in living existence, indicating just how historic printing really is.
  • 12th Century – Paper manufacturing arrives in Europe.
  • 16th Century – Aldus Manutius creates smaller, easier to transport books and also uses italics for the first time in history.
  • 18th Century – Jakob Christof Le Blon is the first to ever engrave using a variety of colours – style truly began to come into the fold!
  • 1935 – The first commercially successful series of paperback books is published by Penguin Books in the UK in 1935.

Today printing has evolved to be commonplace and constantly utilised and in the background, whether via print publications or office printers throughout the country.

Managed Print Solutions and Printers in Ireland, Cork, Limerick & Waterford:

What has come into the fold in our modern era is that of print solutions. This has come about due to the advanced technological state of printers and our economy alike. Print solutions aid in effectively and efficiently utilising your printers in business.

Learn more about print solutions or feel free to enquire about printers for your offices in Ireland.