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Importance of Managed Print Solutions in Ireland for Businesses

In the digital age, the importance and worth of printouts are something that cannot be overlooked. Big or small, all offices rely on printers to manage their frequent tasks of prints, copy, scan and other tasks. However, do have any idea about the cost associated with these printer usages? The figures associated with printer operations are really, really big. According to various companies in Ireland, it costs almost 1-2% of the revenue to cope up with the demands of print and printer management. This is one of biggest reasons for the huge need of managed print solutions in Ireland, particularly for medium to big enterprises. Here are some additional statistics and reasons that will make any business think about availing managed print services as soon as possible.

Realistic Facts & Figures Associated with Inefficient Printing:

  • Most organisations and employees confess that almost 35% of printed documents end up as unnecessary.
  • Other studies at corporate level have indicated that almost 1 out of every 5 printed pages has never been picked up. It happens just because the user had mistakenly printed the document or forgotten to take back from the printer.
  • According to Xerox, almost 1-3% of most companies’ revenue goes in the management of document production.
  • On average, a company spends almost €800 a year solely on printing costs. (Estimated on an average yearly print consumption of almost 10,000 pages).

The above-mentioned facts are nothing less than an alarm for any businesses. Businesses who seem to rely on frequent printing tasks should take the only option available of managed print solutions in Ireland to avail of a cost-effective solution that will cut-down and manage printing costs.

An Overview of Managed Print Services

Generally, managed print services are provided to ensure the utmost optimisation and management of document output in organisations for minimising printing costs. These services are also considered the best from an environmental perspective, owing to their practical solutions for the lesser consumption of print media, as well as electricity. Some of the major benefits availing managed print solutions in Ireland are as follows:

  • Saving of up to 30% on document production and printers usage.
  • It is practical and analyses existing printing infrastructure.
  • End-to-end monitoring, management and optimisation of overall print output environment.
  • Practical consultation to minimise the number & types of printing devices, as well as printing supplies depending on the specific requirement of business.
  • Effective management of printing consumables and problems before they evolve to hamper crucial printing tasks.
  • Improved environmental contribution through the lesser use of paper, consumables as well as energy.
  • 24/7 monitoring of printing environment for saving time and money.
  • Specific attention to the network as well as cloud-based printing solutions.
  • Advanced-level of data security throughout the network-based printing process.

Poor management of printing solutions always results in burning a hole in the pocket when it comes to revenue management. This is why there is a need of managed print solutions in Ireland for businesses. Other than smarter print solutions, managed print services are the proven solution to avail long-term business strategy to manage the print environment. For businesses, there is nothing better than availing managed print solutions in Ireland to save a considerable among on their printing costs.