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How Copiers Revolutionised The WorkPlace

Today the new invention that is changing our world in the 3D printer. Everyone seems to be using it from:

  • Fashion designers
  • Textile companies
  • Building companies
  • And beyond…

What many people forget, however, is that photocopiers were the first invention to change the working world with a bang.

Copier History:

Before the copier existed everyone had to re-write their pages – yes, re-write them. Imagine having to write and re-write, or having to remember masses of information to save yourself hours writing or typing. This was not fun. Thankfully, however, we were saved when all of a sudden the working world was introduced to its new Mecca – the Xerox photocopier.

Before this, people were trying for centuries to invent a way to copy important text:

  • Jefferson created the ‘pantograph’
  • James Watt brought us the mimeograph
  • And there were many more, many worse attempts

The Xerox Copier:

The first Xerox copier was released in 1954 and was revolutionary. This copier used electrostatic technology and was HUGE. Nothing like the sleeker models that we have in Ireland today.

The copier was so huge that by 1966 over 14billion pages had been copied – now that’s an achievement!

Over time, copier became ridiculously widespread. People used them to:

  • copy their documents at work
  • copy party invitations
  • copy pages from books that they liked.

This kept growing and growing until we reached today.

The photocopier is now indispensable and an important aspect of our daily work life.

It’s a good think that NBM supplies copiers to Limerick, Waterford, Cork and everywhere else in Ireland. To see some of our models check out our website or visit us in store.